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mirror mirror - lamb or knife

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Mirror Mirror (2012)
Music: Audra Mae - The Happiest Lamb
Summary: Snow White takes her fathers dagger, her legacy and responsibilty and rescues the kingdom. 

youtube / vimeo

first uploaded on the 17.02.2017.fixed some gosthframes and added a fade in: 19.9.2017

I tell them: don’t depend on a woodsman in the third act. I tell them: look for sets of three, or seven. I tell them: there’s always a way to survive. I tell them: you don’t have to lie still and wait for someone to tell you how to live. I tell them: it’s all right to push her into the oven. She was going to hurt you. I tell them: mirrors lie. I tell them: you can wear those boots, if you want them. You can lift that sword. It was always your sword. I tell them: the apple has two sides. I tell them: just because he woke you up doesn’t mean you owe him anything. I tell them: his name is Rumplestiltskin - Catherynne M. Valente, The Consultant
I love to edit out unessary male love interests. so i end with her reunion with her father.
The song is orginaly probably intented about a romantic relationship - but i like twisting a bit and here it is a (abusiv) family relationship. I think the first scene is very strong "One wave of his hickory staff/And I'd follow him 'round the land" She sits to her feet, like a child (still believing her lies) but in the next scene she is hold before her (for fighting for speaking out on the injustice). "I wont sell my wool to buy no shack" with the cut in scene of her bowing to the queen like everyone.
I love stories about (girls) pleading themself to a cause/mission, a responsibilie, this are her people the "mother mary" the dwarves, the town people and her father. 
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Fast & Furious - Mia/Letty - The Best Place

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: The Fast and Furious (1 - 6)
Music: Best Coast - The only place
Character/Pairing: Mia, Mia/Letty, 
Summary: Mia/Agency for live. Mia/home-family
During the time span passing within the movies Mia and Letty have seen a lot of places. But home is where the heart is. So Mia starts her engine and drives for what is important. 
I first uploaded this on the 21.2.2017, the audio mixing is not perfect but  i am not really skilled to fix it.I however fixed some gosthframes: 19.9.2017.
I think the sound of an engine starting makes a nice start - as a straight forward methapor - but in this video it also becomes kind of Mias personal "theme" - when she makes a decision it turns up. 
"We've got the ocean, got the babes/Got the sun, we've got the waves" the second best thing in the world is cars and what we see first.
Family/love - the best thing in the world, the reason why she starts her engine and runs no matter law or logic. Before the engine starts again and she chose her family over Brian (how could she not? he loves her for this action, of cause (he loves all of them for this)) there is the shot with the parking lot and the sunset overhead - it is a nice transition, something coming to an end but its also the scene where she and Brian went on a date, where he made her feel like she came first for once, but she gives up on that.
We've got the ocean, got the babes/Got the sun, we've got the waves" Woman dancing (Brasil-Letty), and car racing (L.A. Mia) (i tried to edit the movment together. only semi succesfull) this is all nice but it is not the real deal.
mountains,birds,ocean,trees,babes,waves = cars. and eachother. both things you can take everywhere with you.
The intercutting of the kids arriving with their candy coloured cars vs Lettys funeral. I think a lot about this time in their life. They were so young. And even at this point they still are. "If I was Letty I would ask you, no I would beg you to let it go Dom" but when he doesnt listen to her, she let him, for the same reason she begged, her first priority is to keep her family save (and/or together - the battle between this two and to what she gives in dominates her life). So she starts her engine and goes on from nothing,
"Why would you live anywhere else?" This time there are mountains,waves, trees and birds as they "travel"(flee) but its not the planning around extraditions treaties that make this a glum look on her face. The intercutting, conected by the light composition, of Mia (and Brian) seeing Dom and Vince again in Brasil, with the sunlight shinning behind them - and them shining as bright because its all worth it as long as they have this, and Letty who unknown to the others is alive but with amnesia, coming into a dark meet up (and the way she gets out of the car, repeating the visual from earlier in the video)
 So leave your cold behind/We're gonna make it to the beach on time"Mia has settled down it was not 1327 but home is where the heart is, and this is why the leave it behind for the slim of a chance that Letty is alive. "We are stronger together" 

While it is not perfect (obivious) it gives me alot of feels, there is lots of envoirment/scenery in this video specialy  at the beginning - part of why they are there is because i always liked to think about the ways their envorment shaped characters, and i love characters who find strenght in the world around them, not only their close loved ones, but a general love for people around them, activities and culture. (->See my Konno video - which brings me to the point that now i kinda want to make a Teen for Gd video with Mia)

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Anne of Green Gables - Anne/Diana - you don´t get forever but you wanted to
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.

Fandom: Anne of Green Gables (1985) and (2016)
Music:  Hello Saferide - Anna (lyrics)
Characters/Pairing: Diana Barrys Pov: Anne Shirley/Diana Barry
Warning: a short flash of physical punishment of a child (child abuse)
What ifs…second chances and subtext.

I orginaly posted this video on the 9.02.2017 on youtube. It was one of my first vids.I tried to do something with the audio (i needed to make the song longer and change the structure a bit) and i did not succes fully, 
19.9.2017: i edited out some gosthframes, but i am to lazy/bad at it - to fix the audio.Still I think the video is okay to watch even if a bit wonky at times.

youtube /vimeo 
I like the idea/concept of using a reboot - the song is a sad song its a missed change, something still remeberd wishfull but past, but this video is hopeful (I am just a hopeful person despite being a depressed mess) i hope one day we get the Anne of Green Gables reboot that finaly gives us canon wlw (relationship(s)). 
Look at this face and tell me this is not the face of a gal mentally writing the name of her future children on the binder of her mind. 
"bought us a cottage near the countryside" found  family is obivious one of my fav tropes. 
Di wants her to have this home she wished for so long.
"And her granddad could have shown her the way to the bar" When you marry someone you marry a family, and family is complicated. Marilla jumps over her shadow and tells Anne that they want to keep her, the scene with Dianas family is a great contrast here, from the tackle hug to stiff straight backs and handshakes, Dianas family has money and a certain want to conform that gets the kids in trouble, but when this line comes back its with the scene where Dianas father carries Anne after she hurt her feet in the forrest.
"Could have supported us when we retired, bought us a cottage near the countryside"Anne and Diana near water in their ridicoulous dresses, holding hands - is my retirment goal aesthetic. they would make amazing "spinsters" together.
"You could have taught her to play hockey/I could have taught her the guitar " &"With our collected brain resources she would have an IQ of a 155"  a thing that brotherd me when i was a kid is how Diana sometimes get a bad rep, she is less ruel breaking/out of the box thinking/often called less "creative/and does worse in school. She frets when Anne does stuff like climbing the roof, but she is so proud of herself when she wins the race with Anne. She likes to read too and dream and tell stories.
Anne holds on to Di for support when the test results are been read out loud and Di is very proud of her. (Di is so proud of her when the sing, when Anne performs a play at the christmas mass in the 2016 movie - heck "we would have made the neighbours jealous/We could have barbecues at nights" the way she looks at her eating her first serving of ice cream ever is pure love - something to cherries and people should be jealous of).
And she would never had to know what it's like when your heart breaks" The wish that no one has to endure the pain (again) and also their dramatic feelings when Dis mom forbids them to see eachother again (i will forever love how Anne rush/runs to her hands!)
This is the second chance, their first meeting again, eyes held and flusterd curtsey. I also like the structure this time it is Anne who pass down the "sweetheart but with punk rock manners"-ways.
I’am real sorry Anna you never got to be/Cause your daddy moved on and he left me"Diana feeling like she is 2 steps behind, running to catch up (literally too) - but its Gilbert who is left standing.
Could have supported us when we retired, bought us a cottage near the countryside"white dresses, sunsets, at the sea, talking about how they have everything they need right here and now? - love. It also has a very final shot way of being.
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Firefly - Zoe Washburne - It is always heavier than you thought

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Firefly
Music: Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters

Zoe Washburne after - (she is torn up plently but she will still fly true) the war always in the back of her mind like a numbing noise.

Vimeo / Youtube

i think this opening is really great: the attack on the valley is a great visual - the ships appearing & falling down bombs - fading in and out to the falling snowflakes.
I like all the fog/light etc messing up the vision like i am the guy who made the new Star Trek movie - because it is intentional, everything is foggy, the lines are not clear: Zoe steps into Serenity (what a wonderful heavy loaded name!) sceptic "garden of evil" while Mal shines like everything has to be alright from now on.
-their position as the the losing side, the "wrong" on in the history books of the alliance (the ones that River read in school ->the nice opening of the movie Serenity) - i always loved "Robin Hood"/petty criminal/underdog stories.
There is a lot of Mal in this video - i hope that is okay - Zoe has put a lot of her decisions in his hands, her life, its a coping mechanism, it makes a lot of things easier, but while i am super interested in that aspect of their dynamic it is just an aspect not all of it, so I also love how Mal looks to her, for support and input, I am pretty sure there are people who watched the show and were (only/mostly) focused on Mal (because statistical it would be unlikly of it not happening, and also he is the Protagonist, white male able bodied - potrayed by a cis man)
"Shining like a fiery beacon" its their buisness, its their shared history, pain and in a way home too (bring me home) - he looks at her and in my vid it almost looks like he is asking her to weight in, make the decision final/out loud. 
Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed"the boy lies to them because he is desperated but Zoe and Mal ran too, dealing with the war by largely not dealing with it at all, the way the (so beautiful shining yellow) scene inside Serenity the first time is cut between it, its running away, but its also living on - moving on, trying - Zoe smiles and follows Mal - "Shinning like a fiery beacon" and the action begins again: because that journey - with all the unexpected trouble - turns out to be i think important for their healing process they bring him/(themself) home. "You got that medicine I need" Zoe and Mal (and Jayne, and Wash, Book, River,Simone,Kylee,Inara) are great damn heroes, but doing this, doing the "right" thing, the thing they feel is right even if they also feel/know how dangerous/stupid they are saves them too.
Headed towards a fucked up holiday"Zoe eats her apples like this because of traumatic war time expierinces, i played with the idea to make this transition/cut more drastic but then did a simple fading in again, a) because this is just technial easier for me b) this was more in line with the rest of the video even if it would have been interesting/nice to have one of the quick/loud flashes of flashback into show that different effects depending on factors (trigger/time/general state etc) - one of the main aspects of this video is how the war is like always in the back of her mind, a background noise, lenses that colour everything she expierinces, its not the loud/flashy/violent-nervous style that i have seen (and loved!) in a few of Bucky Barnes (Captain America - Marvel) fanvideos - but more numbness, dissociation.
The apples they eat are safe, but when they celebrate Simones birthday there is an explosion. The transition from the explosion- pushing Kaylee out of harms way to the basketball game worked well (mimicing the scene before where Mal push her out of the way of an explosion)  - "Life imitates art" sometimes the horrors feel more real then the "savety"/the now.
no one is going to take my soul away" the confront Mal scene is from the first ep. she disaggrees with his choice of buisness partner because he tried to shot Mal (which Mal tries to shrug off). I feel like I should have prepared something to say about the constallation of Mal/Zoe/Wash - because i am sure there were parts of the fandom that got ugly with shipping - but - i have nothing. the way Wash symbolis/embodies "inocents" for Zoe a bit. two scenes in the medibay, Wash losing his cool when she is hurt and and the "redemptation" of the Wash/Mal/Zoe conflict with both of them smiling at Mal who wakes up in the medibay. 
I like that you didn't go with the obvious choice of clip for "looking to get fucked hard" because Mal flirting with Zoe brings the other definition of "fucked" to mind, that Zoe really could be signing her own death warrant by staying with Mal. -garrideb 
Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please"the dinner scene where Jayne reach over to get another piece - most of the times one/I try not to use a scene more then once, but here I did, on purpose, this dinner scene actually is not a repeat, but it evokes the scene with Simones birthday, the scene after that is a direct repeat its that explosion, so are the war flashbacks - repetation - one reason is of cause limited skill/resources but also it is the same scene, this is not a new treat but her mind being chaught in the old one (i know all this is just in my head but knowing that does not nessary make it dissapear)
"No one's gonna take my soul away" I really like the fade in/blue sparks/fog obscouration - its clichee but it is effectiv for me. 
the dichotomy between Zoe the destroyer and Zoe the builder-[profile] (the sparks of the repair are after Wash funeral. to ensure Serenity will still fly. fixing things as a better/healtier coping method then violence,codependency etc. that are also in this video.
I love the rows of funerals "Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly Want"
The fading into black - and her standing still like that before snapping into action - I like the effect here because it emphasize the dissociation. 
"When you talk it's like a movie and you're making me Crazy" When we are backed up against a wall we often use old coping methods that are not always approative. The transition between her screaming to action to the kid running to Kylee -movment workin as a connection - cut between by the explosion  not sure if that works but it was something i though could be interesting. 
"If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?" The contrast of them walking in with Book (Kylee with the kid) vs the white/blue Planet with the failed project - how she is the one who is walking/acting with such control/skill.
"I'm living like Jim Morrison" ft Mals face seeing the destruction of Brooks place/the one of the Serenity Valley. The show does not show us Zoes face to it, and their feelings are not interchangable but it is a frame of reference "Like Jim Morrision" this is a bit of snap at the canon and a snap at the work of transformative fanwork, dealing with emotions by letting (other) fictional characters deal with emotions.  I don´t know if thats just me through and if it just throws everyone out of the loop - if yes i am sorry.
We are coming back to the dinner table. Inara scolds/teases Mal about "playing with his guns" there (and there is a certain macho-playing there) - Zoe and Wash strapping guns on is death serious through they have to rescue Mal - keeping your guns in good shape is important for surrival - and it has also some sort of soothing effect to know you are prepared if something happens - and then there is Jayne (who defintily has some weird macho-playing) but while he is at it people come to the table to eat - like it is natural.
Zoe follows Mal into Serenity.
(The last scene. The war again is after the song ends. It is still there. But live goes on)
“Kill what you can't save
what you can't eat throw out
what you can't throw out bury
What you can't bury give away
what you can't give away you must carry with you,
it is always heavier than you thought.”
-Margaret Atwood, You are Happy
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Red things

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.

Music: The Kinks - Polly

youtube / vimeo
This is a video made out of music videos. So it´s less literal/context reference lyric matches and more general "mood". The song has a bit of "don´t have sex, you will get pregnant and die" thing in it but i turned it a bit to a more positiv thing, it´s supposed to be about exploring the world and oneself (gender, friendships,love,passions) but always having a place to come home too. 

I had a lot of problems making this video (and all of them were gosthframes, or maybe 99 % were gosthframes) but also a lot of fun. I am kind of proud of finally having finished it and even if i think i should try another video editing pogram (idid already but so far very very unsucesfull) i really want to make simelar themed vidoes about different colours using music videos (i love music videos! anyone want to rec me some? i would love to expand my taste!)
List of music videos in order of first apperance:
Kumisolo - Transports en commun (cute playing with 2/3D, as requisite and people are real but the background is slide projector style)
Grimes ft. Janelle Monáe - Venus Fly (fasinating costumes, high contrast)
secret - shy boy (bright coloured 50s retro look)
Shakira ft. Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You (shakira and rihanna smoke cigars, roll in bed together and lean against opposite walls)
Sigala_ Ella Eyre - Came Here For Love (bright coloured walls and kites)
The Killers - Shot in the night (a girl workin in a casino gets a night with one of the guests like cinderella. beautiful coloured. sweet)
Wolf Alice - Bros (two girls hanging out.simple but sweet)
OK Go - Skyscrapers (a pair dancing through a varition of backrgounds always dressed in the same color as that)
Poision - What i like about you (yearbook photos coming to live)
Robyn ft. Snoop Dogg - U Should Know Better (a little boy as Roby a woman as Snoop Dog (warning for some real weird secual implications in  the video (beside that the video is nice through))
Missy Elliot - Work it (crazy effects and dancing)
My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na (mad max like colourful post apocalyptic teeangers in a desert)
KBG84 - Come on and Dance (age average in this girl group is 84, sweet dancing video, and the beauty of the island)
John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World) (a diverse set of woman, from the perspective of a mirror)
Ingrid Michaelson - Girls Chase Boys (the colour pink, and red, red lips and nails, black backgrounds: contrast, gender feels)
Janelle Monáe - Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Erykah Badu ("time traveling rebels" stuck in a museum coming back to live. black and white with red  highlights)
Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off (recreating of famous art work)
Bibi Bourelly - Sally (a celebration of a lot of different people, also dancing)
Young Thug - Wyclef Jean (about the difficulities of making a music video)
Fall Out Boy - Irresistible ft. Demi Lovato
Jonas Blue - Fast Car ft. Dakota (i dont really like this version of the song but the colours in this video are nice!)
M.I.A. - Finally (washed out colours, desert)
WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA -  Ikkyu-san (a chance meeting in a club. lots of red light beautiful costumes)

the song always felt a bit negative for me but i did not want to make a negative video, i wanted something happy (and dare i to say empowering? that word has a lot of baggage). yes Polly is all of this people, all of this people are Polly.
if i had to pick one scene to show my idea of this video it would be the one with the girl with the bloody nose, first we just see that (the big city kicked her butt) but then we see her smile as she removes her hand from her face, happy and proud (and its not nessary just despite but also because, because she took it and still stands). i love the vaccuming scene.its the one scene with a bit of bitter irony but that too is part of exploring yourself and the world. also a bit of a cheat because this scene is important to me because of the in music video context it comes from "Polly made confession to her papa" is from Missy Elliot - Work it where she sings "wether you made the money working 9 to 5 or shaking your ass" T
his is not a tearful confession,
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 Wadjda - warrior/worrier
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Wadjda
Music: Outlandish - warrior/worrier (lyrics) (cutted)
A small video (1:37) focusing on the relationship between Wadjda and her mom.
My fav part is the beginning (it´s a very short fanvid so maybe this is not so good? like i just got lazy and gave up on the rest? but it feels on point with what i want to say and i tried to vid to the rest but the lyrics there take a little turn that i felt don´t fit that well and what else i tried seemed to distract from the intention.)
I like how i kept in the canon/source material sound of Wadjas steps toward her mother, audio has a way of grounding things? make them feel more real?
The beginning paralleing her moms red dress (that she wants to win back her husband so he won´t marry another woman who can give him the son she can´t give him) and her bike - because the happy end is her mom giving up on it ( on her husband who refuse to take responsiblity for his decision blaming it on his family but also refusing to do anything against it) to buy her daughter the bike.   
I wanted to have her father init as he is a part of their family,relationship even if largly an absent one, so here he hugs her and is very proud of her winning but he is to busy with his new wedding to listen to her when he ask her why she is crying. 

Wadjda - keep the record on play
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Wadjda 
Music: Outlandish - Keep the record on play (lyrics) (cutted)

vimeo / youtube 

Wadjda and her mom keep on playing, keep on living.
This was one of my first videos, i made it back in febuary, its short (1: 39).
The band was a big hit when i was in elementary school - so i associate them with (my) childhood that and the general sound of it fitted well to this movie, with the seemingly very basic story (girl wants a bike, enters a competion to win money for that, doesn´t get the money but finds out her mom rewards her efforts with the bike) and yes it is a simple story but the way it handles it characters and their relationship really make it worth a watch if you haven´t seen it yet.

i like the part before the lyrics start, the crackling noise and then the woosh, music loading up to be heard with her gaze fixated on the bike passing and running after it (to the woosh).
The scene where she pins her name to the family tree where only the male names are noted is a wonderful scene and i am happy with how i put it in: "But I hit back/I stopped being a slumdog long ago" "Get those twentyfour inch rims on rickshaws" with her name proudly on display.

edit: 17.7.2017 fixed a few gosthframes.
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 Aristocats - Happiness and Home

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Aristocats (1970)
Music: Kacey Musgraves - my house

This video didn´t take very long to be made, but while i was technicaly finished it just didnt wanted to sit right with me for a while. its more a general mood/feeling video then my usal thight knitted referenced lyric style (can i say i have a style? even just this wide? i am not even vidding for a year - whatever), i mostly uploaded it to get over the uneasy feeling (i am horrible nervous and self hating). With a few days distance i think i can look at the good things about it, its a nice and fun and most of all light hearted and it makes me feel that way when i watch it so its good. 

edited out some gosth frames: 7.08.2017


i like the beginning, the horse FruFru tapping in this chic horse way to "a 1, 2, 3" and then George the weird lawyer walking in his very own way as the music kicks in.
There is a lot of little Marie being the brakes of the operation because she is in the movie (i identified with her a lot as a kid). its right there at the beginning, after the big house, that is not the important thing but the sticking together is.
"Water and electric and a place to drain the septic" - combined with water visuals: first the rain: and both the cats and the lady feeling sad and unable to sleep over the seperation. then when the lines come back the river in which O´Malley jumps to rescue Marie intercutted with him jumping to meet Swingy - showing again how while during their travle they sometimes lack the bare nessisarties, home is still where the heart is.
i really love "where the buffalo and antelope all roam"with them fondly watching uncle waldo and his girls. because this scene was one of my fav as a kid.
Don´t matter where we go/we never be alone" the fading in from him marking the x for the magic carpet ride to him and Duchess trying to say goodbye, because he first got struck when he saw she had kids but decided "if you are you O´Mally" (sounding a bit like if you are clever" which is what you would say normaly) you won´t just let them wander of on their own" but wanted to wave goodbye after that, and there they are finaly and don´t really want to be, even if she loves her Madame and wants to be with her again. (the two were top class romantic when i was a kid)
i always adored their madame twirling in front of her mirror and being "a sentimental old fool", and the way of the movement when the other cats circle around Duchess to invent her to dance.
i like the choice of ending shot.

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 Sweet love  - Ross - Home is where the heart is

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Music: Gabrielle Aplin - Home
Fandom: Sweet Love (director Albert Jan Van Rees)
Summary: Ross is a brave and beautiful girl and she finds a home.
Watch it its 24 minutes. its a mini musical.
So because i don´t think many people have seen it a quick summary (with spoilers): 
In this world only the very rich can afford candy. Ross´s husband is a rich owner of candy factorys but he doesn´t treat her the way she feel she deserve. One day at a event she meet Saba who works there and runs away with her. He shows her where he lives poor but close knit. Her husband has tried to buy their place for a while without sucess when he comes to pick her up he tricks her into believing Saba only used her to steal a candy chain, this also allows him to take the place. Later she overhears her husband bragging about his trick and climbs out of the window to make a plan with Sabas friends. They expose her husbands tricks and create a world where everyone can have sweets.


edit: 7.08.2017 fixed some gosthframes
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joseph king of dreams - wolf children

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.

Fandom: Joseph King of dreams
Music: First Aid Kit - Wolf
"...oh wolf brother you are changing..."
Josephs brothers, mother, father and the thing you do for love (are the worst of all)
or the danger of having a favorite child.

18.7.2017 fixed some gosthframes

starting with a sunrise: the brother running overjoyed toward their father because Joseph has finally arrived / Joseph waking up (in his colourful coat) - the sun is already up. his brother are getting ready to work
i like the use of object; the coat (as he runs to meet his brother, soaring down when they throw it to him, as they mock him, bloodied as they present it to their parents) the doll of the little child where Josphe regonices them.
the fade to black: both parties remebering the night where they sold him: Joseph how he through they came to rescue him, they how they took the money and did not.
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 final fantasy 15 kingsglaive - nyx/libertus - a good man
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: final fantasy 15 kingsglaive
Music: Josh Ritter - Good Man
warning: someone gets run over by a car, character death, pills (self medication)
A bit less politics in this one, a bit of cause still but mostly Nyx and Libertus trying to be a good man for the other.
-more notes/me rambeling helpless-
I love beginning with the end/the last battle against the imperials as the kingsglaive on the field at the start of the movie
"These chords are old but we shake hands" and the scene the way Libertus shoulders it all - its very carry on. very it all happends But :The woods are lovely, dark and deep/But I have promises to keep/And miles to go before I sleep"  -ROBERT FROST
Cause I believe that they're the good guys/We can use all the help we can "it came to my attention that there are people who do not love Libertus or even hate him, they obivious can do that but also how? - anyway here are the people who planned a coup/attack that went a bit to far, the tired imigration solidiers that poltics screw over being tired of being fucked over fading into said poltics, and then Luna being very human and desperated. 
So many minor chords outside" the king coupled with Minor cords - this is still my fav "joke" i ever vidd-ed (no wonder i have no friends, this is not really a good joke) beside that it also my theme of authority and common people/us against the world feel.
I'm a good man/for ya, I'm a good man"with Nxy reaction to Libertus being declared part of the coup/and Libertus finding out what he really helped happening. taking the pills and carrying on. to go redempt himself. get Nyx out of his mistake again - the trust,love anyway and redemptation. 
I was twisting in the hairpin/My hands held on my mind let go/And back to you my heart went skipping"I love hand shots more then i should. partly for very personal life/people is/are hard reasons, part because i like the story telling idea behind it. telling stories with objects/reduced sets etc. 
so here is. Nyx giving Luna the brooche. the accusing. the deal. the things she cost them and how it better be worth it. like twisting in the knife in a wound / but he gives her the ring back to buy her the time to flee because thats the only way anyone will get out alive of this / but its still them. so he refuse the dagger from Liberus and promise to see him again.
Babe we both had dry spells,hard times in bad lands" Nyx accusing Regis (and Luna defending him) to sacrefice everyone for selfish reasons (Lucics sons and daughters for your own?) is one of my fav scenes for all of the characters involved because its so essential what they are about. what they are and what they want to be / with Libertus yelling at their captain  because Regis will sign the peace offering that sells out the border lands.
i love the instrumental: Nyx letting go of Libertus (the hand slipping) to see Crowe - to the burned out body of a recrut. the framing/stading of Libertus/Nyx vs the waste world (watching the recruts vs same space sitting with Crowes things) and then the object - Libertus(or Crowes?) GlaiveLogo thrown away, the brooche that she never got to deliver = the people/duties they are facing of against: the politics. their two faced captain. "They shot a Western south of here"Nyx isnt half as loud with his openions as Libertus. he and Crowe try to desecaled an argument about their situation. he standing proper while Luna talks with Regis (a situation in which both show that they (wish to) have eachother (and Noctis) as first pirority instead of civilians/"normal" people. Crow standing in position while Libertus yelled at the captain for Regis decision taking the mission to get Lunafreya. so when he ask Regis if he is willing to sacrefic all this people just for his son he is doing this for Crowe and Libertus. 
i once saw this vienna teng - fanvid album and i want to make something like that. and i chose this album and i am not sure if i manage that because obivious thematic and lyrical call backs/repetition and i through staying one fandom would be good but maybe thats bad? i am not very creative so i dont know if i manage to say anything? (like even once but more so more then once?)
You're not a good shot but I'm worse" okay.this is my own video. but till i find someone else who vids them i have to fangirl on this. and damn this line always gets me. the motion. (look if noctnyx shippers can get gushy about the daggers then i can too)

fixed gosth frames: 18.7.2017

littlecatk: ff 15 kingsglaive,Nyx watching Libertus being carried away after being hurt in battle (final fantasy 15)
 final fantasy 15 kingsglaive - crowe/nyx/libertus - they cast us as the villians

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.

Fandom: final fantasy 15 kingsglaive
Music: Josh Ritter - Lillian, Egypt
warning: someone gets run over by a car, character death, pills, 
additional warning: politics, not really a happy ending
There is war and Lucian sons (and daughters) die to save the kings only one, the rich ones in the capital. Crowe, Nyx and Liberius try to hold together against the world, the big movie men (politics) that tear them apart. 
Crowe dies on a mission for them.To bring Lunafreya Nox Fleuret into savety. Nyx picks up that mission. And Libertus makes a mistake helping a coup. 
They all go down the path of duty. 
Nyx gives Luna the gift from Crowe. Libertus offers Nyx his dagger but he refuse. Nyx gives Luna the ring back.
I meant to show that this all isn´t for them and a loyality they deserve just for their title but because its their only chance. "for home and honor" humanity and eachother.Because thats the way i feel for the film too, i dont know - i know he is a "good king"-trope. a all father kind but - i am iffy around authority specialy unlimted one.
"The villain on the left with the studio mustache/Winking at Lillian, blowing kisses from the second row"

vimeo link  / youtube link

The daughter of the biggest big town banker" the people in power are the enemies in this video/(world) - the scene is Libertus yelling at him when they find out the king is selling out the outer rim - of the kingdom for the peace of the capital,and Crowe being picked for the solo mission that will get her killed: "He made her the star of the silent movies"
The difference in action, compaled to obey vs acting out - and the places it will end them.
Like the bottle was on fire or the boiler was about to blow" - its a though way to live but a good way not to die- unhealty coping methods all around.
She's up on the table when we hit Missouri" i always mishear "when we hit misery" and i just love the fade in of this disapointed people to the big movie men talking about their problems so detached
Dancing with a movie man he was holding her a little too close"Nyx getting pulled into the Lunafreya/Regis orbit as a "opposite" pull to them. with a like a pov change for the judgment in a little to close. 
But all she did was mouth the words"honor and home - Nyx ignores a comant to save his friend (Libertus) ->"Oh no!" Regis staying back like Luna did 12 years ago to buy them time. Luna wanting to be selfish too, to help him, save him but Nyx pulling her away so they can save the world.
Yes I am criticing the selfishness and the way the use the common people as pawns but also they are human? They are trying to figure and fight for the same questions. (I love Luna to death,and as iffy as i am with kings i do like Regis too)
i love the transition thing with Pelena having to drag Crowe off the field when she wants to run back for Libertus (and Nyx) - and Libertus storming in to see Crowe. 
The last time I saw she was tied to the train tracks"i love the image of her dead stiff body for this - and the contining with the more literal train/car wreck. (and how it does this fake-ambigousity like will he drive out Nyx or the traitor? fuiled by his rage/hurt over Crowes death/all the lose they have to endure.)
The villain on the left with the studio mustache/Winking at Lillian, blowing kisses from the second row" because of the stadging it could be Luna. the villian. after all the plot around her made them lose the few things they still had. she is standing there and Libertus will go with her (for home and honor) but he offers Nyx back his dagger before he goes - the repeation of the handing over motion this time. Nyx gives her the brooche. the one that Crow buied for her before she died. 
but Luna is the hero. our last hope. to deliver the ring to Noctis.and Luna takes the gift. she is not able to have a lot of things with this mission, she had to let go of Regis already, she lets go of Nyx, and Libertus later. but she does because she wants to help people to (she wants to love them too and she does but the time is spare and the first priority is clear)
i love all of it but maybe i love the end the best

finished date: 19.3.2017
18.7.2017. fixed some gosthframes

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Titan A.E - Akima - I can unscrew the stars

Music: Ingrid Michaelson - Lady in Spain
Fandom: Titan A.E
finished date: March 2017
warning: blood, canon character death, guns
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
I  love the start with the ship (objects!) instead of a face - specialy because book end/beginning with the ships flying.
I also really like Corso/Akima/Kale in this (because when i was a kid and watched it for the first time I simpley loved Corso and felt very betrayed by all of it) 
I can do anything I want to/anything my heart tells me to" with Akima running toward Kale so happy, because he lives! and her crying almost when he is about to die. because beside being badass and on a mission she is also human, she loves and i love that, i love the way she deals with her emotions. is allowed to have them and express them.
The end with the people arrive at their new home "I can do anything I want to" and the wide shot of the landscape "anything that I see" because this is her victory, she finaly found a home not just for her but for all of humanity.

i wanted to fade/edit the baseball into the newly formed planet (Bob) because i through that would be a pretty/cool visual but i can´t make it work. anyway i hope the emotional/thematical thing comes through anyway.

edited: 17.7.2017 fixed some gosthframes 
Titan A.E - Akima - she had a lot to say

Music: Maxïmo Park - Her Name Was Audre
Fandom: Titan A.E
finished date: april 2017
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Akima/being badass, Akima/home, a bit Akima/Kale/Corso
warning: guns, implied character death
Akima fights for a home, not just for her but for humanity.
I really wanted to show the conection to the places/people she fought for "You never want to leave the local library." fav match with this: the one where she lays on the table,having been shot at, everyone crowding around her and she holds the hand of that woman, insisting she is fine.
the local libary: the "strays" from the space station waving them off/ the new earth-bob waving,standing arm in arm with an rainbow in the sky and the ship bringing the news to the other people/her regonicing the "monsters" around them as the Gowl (i love that okay? non human specics, not clinging on to the concept of human appereance (western, cis, able bodied (i hate the way sifi likes to demonize people with "upgrades"/cyborg stuff etc) etc) as the shorthand for "human" (as in sapient, "good", etc)) / the archive of species)
She always thought that you/might understand." Akima playful touching Kales face to her being carried in his arms after being shot from Corso. starting the relationship at the turning point: complicated.
but coming back with Corso looking after Kale so softly and him trusting Akima as his right hand man
This is the fastest song/cuts i made to this day (and its still not very fast) so its a bit messy.
Its also the closest i have to an AU(plot) vid because its the closed to any kind of plot narrative instead of just thematic one. The twisting is pretty straight forward, that they die to create the planet (Bob) - a bit like the Rouge One ending (i think i have not yet seen it but from what i heard about it)

edited: 17.7.2017. fixed some gosth frames

Dor Fanvid

May. 5th, 2017 09:56 pm
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Dor - Zeenat/Meera - you are always welcome to my home
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Dor (2006)
Music: Dara Puspita - Welcome To My House(leftside cover) (72)


"Loving him was red/losing him was the deepest blue"
Two woman deal with grief and find eachother.
finished date: 31. March 2017

i love the story/relationship and video-important visual-special the use of the colors: blue and red and hope i captured a bit of that in my video.
It starts with Zeenat waiting for Meera, the red flags above/behind her - red is the colour of happiness-better times-their husbands - she herself is in purple/pink - there is still hope for her to get her husband back. Its also just a great composition in that shot.
When at night i am sitting all alone"After Meera denies her her request, and hangs the red scarf into the tree to the others (wishing for good fortune) Zeenat sits underneath it and cries dressed in blue. "in a house i can no longer call my own" with the death of her husband Meera lose all her privileges, including the colour red.
I am staring at the red light of the fire" Zeenat steps toward Meera - her only hope to save her husband.
fav lyric match:"at the picture of the boy i still desire" because i always mishear it as "the boy i am still beside" which fits so well with the dancing. remebering but LIVING. "to show you the door to complete happiness" In that spirit. They eat sweets. Meera does stand before the wall with the pink letters.
fav lyric match: "I love him with all my little heart"with the transition - conected with movement - from Meera sliding to the floor crying over the red scarf to the paper with Zeenaths husbands mercy falling from her hands to the lyrics "nothing in the world could ever make us part"
Till the girl who had the bigger house then me/made you go and leave me in this misery"I like the visual connection between the locked door and the red scarf/good luck charm+the pardon tied to the tree.
18.7.2017. fixed some gosthframes

Dor Fanvid

May. 5th, 2017 09:47 pm
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DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Dor (2006)
Music: Dolly Parton - Jolene
"please dont take my man" Meera literally holds his life in her hands, but Zeenat ask her to cast away the last thing she feels she has from her husband a tiny bit revenge. what i like about the song is the soft and complimenting way jolene/the other woman is described as. you fall for the one woman able to end your husbands life/whos husband killed yours.

this is version 2.0 of the video. where i worked a bit on the ending to make it less abrupt.

finished date: 4.5.2017
edited some gosth frames: 7.08-2017

This video starts with tension, Zeenat stands there with hard eyes, waiting for Meera, ready to beg but also fight for her husbands life (but then she meets Meera, and cares for her, cant just hurt her to archive her goals) / Meera takes the red scarf (that she wanted to give Zeenat) now that she knows that it was Zeenats husband who killed her husband. The red (their husbands, a better time) is there but it is unreachable, above them.

And I can not compete with you"The red scarf was a gift of her husband,Meera can no longer wear it, but with Zeenats help she came back to living in her ways, and she wants this object to be part of live again to because it means so much to her. I have a great love for symbolic objects, and as a sub-trope of that of reproposing this objects, change is a way of live, i always wanted to do that (but i can not write) - Zeenat and Meera swap the scarf and teh good luck charm both red both gifts from their husbands. (for example i loved it in fast and furious with the charger and the cross. we meet this objects as the symbols of Doms grief/undealed emotions over his fathers death and the resulting load of resonsibilities/stress on him. the car is called cursed. by people in the movies. Brians arrival results in actions that end with Dom crashing the car (and having dealt a bit with it) when we meet it again, Letty has fixed the car for Doms come back but when she dies trying to get him back (with Brians help) Dom takes it up (clutches to it) with the vow to revenge her, again the car and the cross are loaded with undealed emotions,grief.But in the end of that movie, he doesnt kill the guy responsiblie for it,and he does not run from the consquences.but when there is no justice for him, Brian (and Mia) bail him ou - Brain drives the charger with the cross dangeling for that. In the 7 movie we learn that the cross was used instead of rings at Letty and Doms wedding - what i am trying to say is how it most general is doms heart but the way teh movies use it for family and romantic relationships, givin all of them the same weight is facinating. also because it lends itself so wonderful to non-straight (and non -monogam) interpretations: see lily_the_kid "Dear future husband")

Its a video about moving on. "You could have your choice of men but i could never love again" ditchonomy of Meera pushing open the door and rushing to give Zeenat the pardon. To live while you can, Meeras husband will not return to her but Zeenats still can. and she has found new hope - as she signals holding up her new red good luck charm from Zeenat.
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Hawaii 5 - O - Konno - teen for god

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan video. I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
Fandom: Hawaii 5 - O (2010) (reboot)
Music: Dar Williams - Teen for god
Warnings: (police) violence, guns, headshot from behind, a girl being tied up, blood, bruises, drowning, themes of religion/faith,
Konno loves her home and her job. She loves the people around her.  
But sometimes it´s hard.

And we pray for the sinners/And their drunken car wrecks/And vow that I'll never get high/And have sex"
The show like a lot of crime shows can drift into violence. self interest (rage, revenge) of the police "Heros" but Konno is not shown involved in that a lot. She is the rooki of the team - the hope and wish for her to be a better person than they could be. (the others get better to, therapy helped them! this makes me stupidly happy).
So there is Konno being sworn i, getting her gun - vowing to protect and serve the law and people - and her smashing a car window because the sex traffic case was wearing her thin (7.19), her holding another woman under water (1.2). 
And God made every leaf on every tree/Each grain of sand"
Chin hugging her in s2.e1. because she fears for her job after the thing with the govenor. Adam holding her as they watch a family reunion Adam arranged for a fellow prisioner who became a better person and helped him there (7.5). 
Redemptation, doing wrong and then doing better. Chins arc, Adams arc. 
Also Steve/Konno - not romantical/sexual but damn. He wants her to stay safe, he wants her to do better. And I am ashamed but yeah i dig this sad guilty face.
i tried to show her culture and people - the places she gets her strenght from. even in crisis. 

more notes
The first "teen for g.d" shows her in her first episode gaping for air and being so shocked angry that someone would ruin her wave (she knocks him for that)/her as a little kid and her mothers encouraging words: you will get knocked off again, again and again, but you can always get up again too.
The little girl who binds the braclet around her arm is from 1.06 - when an old friend of Konno shows her where he lives, house prices are very high but the people there do not want to leave (the land of their ancestors) - the show has like lots of cop shows a problem with affirming the status quo of the system a lot but sometimes thinks are done good.
the little amulet she is looking at (0:58) is the patron saints of police, Dannys gift to her for her swearing-in-ceremony - when she feels useless/helpless and has to spring in action
the badge sliding over the table is Chins offering him back in in 1.24 (after all the shit they pulled on him)
(i love objects in fanvids! symbolic story telling. not having to look in faces)
- the song is actually about the problems with institutional religion (in form of denying things that are personal decisions)
 while being spirutal.
The desires she fights to control here are anger/violence, depression, and self interest.
I love stories about people taking action, seeing unjustice and wanting to end them, i love characters who chose to protect (kids!i love kids in media, i love characters who love them) - changing the system from within - is difficult -
the video is not really about this.
i love hopeful videos too much, i vid for myself. vid to deal with stuff and feel better. and maybe someone else will feel stuff (and better even?) because of it too.
1:04 the way she turns away unable to look at that scene.
1:47 - small stuff but i do love Konno/Kathrine - and i am general for more femslash 
finished date: 5.5.2017
edited out some gosth frames: 18.07.2017
littlecatk: ff 15 kingsglaive,Nyx watching Libertus being carried away after being hurt in battle (final fantasy 15)
final fantasy 15 - luna - riptide 

Fandom: final fantasy 15 kingsglaive
Music: Taylor Swift - Riptide (vance joy cover)
Character(s): Luna, (Regis,Ravus,Nyx,Crowe,Libertus,Adyrn, Noctis)
Warnings: character death, fire, body horror, a person burning alive, politics, violence against female characters,

youtube / vimeo
implied (could/(Should)/would have been) Crowe/Luna:"I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations" 
Luna/Adyrn ("This cowboy's running from himself" - the possibilities of their dynamic/positions)
Luna/Nyx (the one "I wanna be your left hand man" with libertus having to tear her away when Nyx decide to stay back and buy them time to flee)
Luna/Regis, Luna/Noctis - "I wanna be your left hand man" - she isn´t allowed a lot of loyalities/"weakness"/attachments in the work to save the world but she loved them deeply and wanted to protect them
Luna is so young but she is made (by herself (as a defense, to help) by the people around her) into a  tool in the war.
"I wanna be your left hand man"-she wants to help people (she wants to love them too, but it seems like there is only time for one of this things in her life right now and that´s an easy choice)
I got a lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong" the scene were Nyx has to (literally) wrestle the ring out of Lunas hands is one of my fav scenes of hers. i cutted in the scenes of her brother falling for the ring and burning to show her reason for this. its to dangerous to surrender it, both for the person and the world, the ring is to powerful, it could be used in many ways.
(i really love the transition to Noctis part who was before this only implied. with the beginning of his roadtrip the car full of the boys with "I wanna be your left hand man") 
(i love that her movie star dom is not having a chauffeur but the way she takes the wheel and is ready to fuck herself and everyone up for the mission)
finished date: 5.5.2017

edited: 7.6.2017
mixed up the scenes for  "i need to know if you gonna stay" as i previously used only 1 scene for that. now there is Ravus asking her not to go, because the quest will probaly destroy her (a goodbye in a field of flowers just like her and Noctis goodbye at her death) and a scene with him telling her to go when she doubts her strenght for the quest.
put her death scene at the end. the view from noctis point of view as the flower transforms into the ring.
fixed the audio at the end. to make it feel less abruptly.


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